WASD - Move Camera

Mouse - Click&Drag to perform actions

This is our first entry in Ludum Dare, and we had a blast making it, not knowing if we could make a game in 72 hours. Sorry, no progress updates or anything like that, we're new to this, and just spontaneously decided to join. Enough of that. Let's talk about the game.

It's a sort of Tower Defenese/RTS hybrid game, where you build mines to harvest minerals that are used as fuel for turrets, but also must stash them to launch the rocket; that's the win condition. So balance your resources between building and powering defenses and launching the rocket. More details about the gameplay are available in-game. You'll see it when you play the game(it will take less than 5 min to play through it, so make sure you go give it a shot!), so let's move on to the creation.

We decided upon this idea after the reveal of the theme. To be honest, we weren't too happy about the theme due to it leaving comparatively little room for deviation and interpretation, but decided to take part anyway. The overall creation process was surprisingly smooth. We ran into very few bugs during the programming, and no hunches or anything in ideation or asset creation. So yay. Wasn't sure if we could do it, but here we are, finished with, like, 7 hours left.

Engine: Unity3D
Graphics: Autodesk Maya 2017, Photoshop CC
Audio: Logic Pro X, Yamaha AG03, NI Guitar Rig 5 Pro

I hope you spare some time to rate our game, and look forward to being part of another jam. It was fun!


Download 23 MB
Download 36 MB

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